Sunday, November 13, 2011

Purple tint on Samsung Galaxy Note Display

After a thoughtful day, I decided to finally buy the Samsung Galaxy Note. I was happy to see that the device had hit the shelves at the local electronic stores. So I picked one up, yes damn expensive (AED 3000/-) . I am told that the device will come down by AED 200 to 400 in about couple of weeks time.

I got a one evening chance to do hand-on session with the device, before I found out a fault with the display. During a dim light reading, I actually noticed a purple tint on one corner of the screen. This is not visible when the brightness is high or if the room is well lit. I installed the "Screen Filter" software from Market to further reduce the brightness to about 30%. This made the purple tint quite visible.

I had to explain and demo this to about 4 store staff, none found it convincing. It was just not visible in bright store light. I had also taken pictures of the purple tint in dim light, this was convincing. So I returned the device and the stock is also out! I will have to wait till the new stock arrives, this could take weeks..


  1. Its obvious and non refusable.

  2. OK, I got my replacement phone. This looks perfect, no tint or hues whatsoever. So I am confident it is a display issue with some note handset.

  3. Nice to know, mine is on my way so I hope dont have issues with the screen

  4. Yep, all the best @alejandrissimo

  5. Thanks for the information. Visiting dubai this month only.Get this note form there only. useful information for the newbies. cheers!!

    1. All the best @grub_rescue. Note is notably worth it.

  6. Poor you that you have to wait for a week to get a new one.
    btw what phone do you use right now?
    Fauzi Ahsan