Saturday, February 26, 2011

Asia-Pacific CACS Conference, Dubai

I got the time and opportunity to be part of the Asia-Pacific CACS (Computer Audit, Control and Security) conference that was held in Dubai this week. Good climate, excellent folks around and some very highly qualified and experienced presenters. Key note was very impressive and a perfect fit for this event. Every presentation had something to offer and the coverage was great. This also allows me to get 14 CPE credits for my CISA qualification.

However I was unhappy about one fact - almost all presentation were kind of connected with and promoting COBIT. Like me, many expected that the presentations would be neutral in nature and focus on the subject matter at large. I personally noted that most presentation had some inclination towards COBIT. This to me is not the right way of presenting industry topics such as e-governance or risk management. I have given the same feedback in the aftermath survey. A dedicated presentation on specific subject like COBIT (there was one on first day) was good enough for getting the message out, but a recap and reiteration on most of the presentation was not expected and may be not appreciated by the participants.